Spoiler-Free Apple Event Video Stream, October 2023 [Video Posted]

Eric Slivka

Apple's Scary Fast virtual media event begins today at 5:00 pm PT. This is an unusual time for an Apple event, as for some users who are not traditionally used to it, it will take place in the middle of the night. this is the time.

We know that some MacRumors readers who are unable to follow the event , it is broadcast, are interested in avoiding all announcements and waiting until the video of the event becomes available for on-demand viewing in order to see it without knowing the outcome in advance.

For these people, we have published this news, which will be updated with a direct link to the presentation as soon as it becomes available from Apple. No other news or announcements will appear alongside this story.

Recent Apple virtual events became available for viewing almost immediately after the broadcast ended, and we expect today's event to occur at the same time.


Users awaiting the release of the video may congregate in the thread associated with this news, and we ask that those following events as they occur to refrain from posting anything about Apple's announcements in this thread.

Update: The full video is available on Apple's website as a direct link to the video file without spoilers.

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