Some USB-C batteries don't work with iPhone 15

by Julie Clover

Apple added a USB-C port to the iPhone 15 line this year, allowing it to work with USB-C cables, USB-C power banks, etc. It turns out that some USB-C battery banks don't do not work properly with ‌iPhone 15‌, resulting in charging issues.

As highlighted on Reddit and the MacRumors forums, not all existing USB-C power supplies can be used with the ‌iPhone 15‌ model, possibly due to the iPhone's reverse charging feature. In some cases ‌iPhone 15‌ will not be able to charge, or ‌iPhone 15‌ will charge the power supply.

A number of different power supplies are affected, and due to the large number of them on the market, it is impossible to list the models that do not work. One version that doesn't work is the Anker PowerCore Slim 10K PD. The customer who contacted Anker was told that the only way to get the power bank to charge the ‌iPhone‌ is to use the USB-A port.

It seems that due to the reverse charging feature of the iPhone 15 series, the Anker PowerCore Slim 10k PD USB C port charging will be affected, which is currently has no solution. The only way to charge your iPhone is to use the USB A port.

Anker will conduct additional tests on all of our power banks to see if this is an issue with some power banks and try to get a solution.

‌iPhone 15‌ models can charge Apple Watch, AirPods or another ‌iPhone‌ via the USB-C port, and there is a possibility that this feature affects some power supplies. Most USB-C power supplies with Power Delivery seem to work as expected, including a number of models tested by MacRumors, but the ‌iPhone 15‌ Owners should be aware that some may not be compatible.

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