Scary Fast event on Monday night? This should be for the M3 Mac, not the M2, right?

M. Is Night Shyamalan running Apple? The company just announced a major event on Monday night, the day before Halloween. Tagline? Scary fast. There are rumors about a Mac, but what kind of Apple silicon will be inside?

Of course, using the event, even if it is only for video for everyone, means we We'll see the first M3 chip, not just slightly updated Macs with M2 chips. I mean, we already know that the M2 is only mildly frighteningly fast, but not completely frighteningly fast!

The original rumor from MacOtakara was that Apple would release an iMac M2 and M2 Pro. They also noted that MacBook configurations were shipping later than usual.

Mark Gurman later reported that Apple plans to release new Macs by the end of the month. Gurman has also repeatedly reported that the iMac will skip the M2 generation altogether.

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I just don’t know at the moment. I don't think Apple will provide an M3 iMac over other models, especially since they continue to focus on laptops. The 15″ MBA was recently released and I don't think Apple is going to update just the 13.5″ model or the 13″ MacBook Pro, leaving only the 15″ MBA. So who knows at this point.

All of this could be moot if Apple releases additional cards for the Mac Pro while simultaneously upgrading the iMac to the M2 and adding a larger screen option. . I guess we'll see next week.

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Suddenly, waiting for the M3 seems more like a treat than a gimmick. And if there was any doubt that Scary Fast is a Mac thing, Apple has a nice animation in the Finder to tease the event.

If we get our hands on the first M3 Macs, that could include a MacBook Air. Will Apple upgrade the MacBook Air to M3 just a few months after installing the M2 in the first 15-inch MacBook Air? There is no doubt about it. I'll have to see if Apple takes this as an opportunity to raise the price of the MacBook Air. The 15-inch screen is very affordable. We'll see!

So set your alarms. 17:00. California time 8 p.m. in New York, midnight in London and 8am in China.

But how long will this evening event last? Surely it won't be the full 60-90 minutes, right? Right?! What I mean is that Monday Night Football starts 15 minutes after this video event starts. It's the Las Vegas Raiders vs. the Detroit Lions, and the Scary Fast M3 will win.

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