Save up to 45% with Roborock Black Friday robot vacuums and mops.

Save up to $400 from Roborock this Black Friday.

Invest in a Roborock vacuum cleaner and a mop to help with your holiday cleaning while taking advantage of huge Black Friday deals.

Save 20% to 45% on a robot vacuum and mop that helps keep your floors clear of debris and stains. Roborock also offers deep discounts on its Dyad Pro portable models, allowing you to outfit your cleaning supplies without breaking the bank.

Spend less time cleaning with the Q Revo robot vacuum and mop

Millions of people want their homes to be clean and fresh , but there is no time to devote to daily cleaning. Roborock's Q Revo Robot Vacuum and Mop is a great way to save on maid service, and this Black Friday you'll be even more affordable with 24% off.

Q Revo with a universal dock.

Q Revo lets you set it and forget it for up to seven weeks of hands-free cleaning with its multifunctional docking station. The multi-functional docking station features an automatically refilling clean water tank, a dirty water tank and an automatic dust emptying.

This advanced docking station not only allows you to empty and refill your Q Revo, but it is also self-cleaning and self-drying, keeping mop heads clean, free of mold and dust. It also supports fast charging, which is 30% faster than the Roborock S7 and will charge during off-peak hours, reducing energy costs.

Cleaning with Q Revo is effective; Everyday messes are unmatched with 5500Pa suction power, an all-rubber brush and a dual-rotation mop. Additional technologies such as LiDAR, obstacle avoidance and full app control make the Q Revo suitable for everyday use at home.

Roborock's Q Revo will retail for just $679.99 this holiday season. The $220 discount offers families an affordable way to bring home a versatile cleaning solution while saving enough money for the rest of the gift list.

Increase your cleaning efficiency with the S7 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

The S7 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop is ideal for those who… who do not want to sacrifice deep cleaning or their time. It combines all of the outstanding hands-free cleaning features while getting the most out of each one, and for a limited time, it's on sale for just $949.99.

Control your S7 Max Ultra with the Roborock app.

Like the Q Revo, the S7 Max Ultra features a universal dock and offers self-rinsing, drying, filling, emptying and cleaning for up to seven weeks. Additionally, the S7 Max Ultra dock provides fast charging during off-peak times and allows the S7 Max Ultra to last up to 180 minutes.

The S7 Max Ultra features a durable rubber brush that prevents tangles and provides a deep clean. It also uses the VibraRise floor cleaning system, which uses ultrasonic cleaning and constant downward pressure to leave behind spotless floors.

Control of the S7 Max Ultra is available through the app and allows you to map rooms or entire levels of your home. You can even use Siri voice commands to start cleaning, while smart LiDAR, obstacle avoidance, and faster mapping combine all the technologies in one comprehensive package.

The S7 Max Ultra combines the best features of Roborock while remaining affordable. This holiday season, you can get next-level cleaning for $350 less than the rest of the year.

Enjoy perfect cleanliness with the S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum cleaner and mop

Bring the ultimate in cleanliness, convenience and functionality to your home with the S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum a vacuum cleaner and mop that even children and pets will not be able to resist. The S8 Pro Ultra is a robotic solution that promises hands-free cleaning with an unbeatable $400 discount this Black Friday.

The S8 Pro Ultra can't compare to the mess kids and pets create.

Roborock equips the S8 Pro Ultra with a professional-grade docking station that can store The entire system is clean, dust-free and ready to mop and vacuum. The dock holds enough water to wash up to 3,230 square feet and has enough capacity to continue cleaning for up to seven weeks.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra features dual rubber brushes that pick up even more dust, dirt, hair and fur from surfaces like carpets, rugs, hardwood and tiles. The 6,000 Pa suction power is impressive for a robotic cleaning solution, and the VibraRise 2.0 system provides an even deeper clean than the previous generation.

In addition to incredible cleaning capabilities, Roborock S8 Pro Ultra uses next-generation technology to create 3D maps, respond to 3D objects in bright or dark rooms, and plot the best route every time you clean.

Wow your guests this season with the best robotic cleaning solutions brought to you by the S8 Pro Ultra. Bring home convenience, time savings, and peace of mind for just $1,199.99 during Roborock's Black Friday sale.

Handle the toughest difficult situations problems with Dyad Pro

Some problems require a hands-on approach, and Roborock offers the best wet and dry cleaning option for the money with the Dyad Pro. During Roborock's Black Friday sale, you can add the Dyad Pro to your cleaning arsenal for just $349.99, a hefty 22% off.

Clean up wet and dry messes with the Dyad Pro.

No mess is safe – you can tackle both wet and dry messes with impressive power suction 17,000 Pa, double rollers and edge-to-edge cleaning 1 mm. The Dyad Pro features advanced technology to automatically adjust cleaning power, including an automatic detergent dispenser that provides up to 600 minutes of cleaning.

The Roborock Dyad Pro also features the RevoBrush self-cleaning and drying system, which offers hands-free maintenance and charging for up to 43 minutes of powerful cleaning. Plus, the casters allow for easy movement, meaning you can easily clean up after pets and children.

Combine the Dyad Pro with Roborock's other great robotic cleaning solutions and you'll have a spotless home for your vacation guests. Bring one home for $100 less than normal, for a limited time only.

Discounts on models for every budget and lifestyle

While the Q Revo, S7 Max Ultra, S8 Pro Ultra, and Dyad Pro may be Roborock's entry-level lineup, the company is offering plenty of outstanding Black Friday deals on other robotic cleaning solutions. Several other items offer discounts of at least 40%, making them affordable options for keeping your home clean on a budget.

Clean any type of floor with the S7.

  • The Q5+ offers seven weeks of hands-free vacuuming, now at 43% off.
  • Enjoy affordable cleaning and vacuuming with the Q7 Max+ with a $370 discount.
  • Robotic vacuuming and ultrasonic cleaning with the S7 and 45% off.
  • Vacuum and mop at the same time as the Q8 Max, saving you $150.

Roborock is offering huge discounts on almost every product in its catalog for Black Friday, making keeping your home clean more affordable without compromising the quality of your time with your family. Charge between $100 and $400 for robotic cleaners or handheld platforms.

You'll have to act fast, though, because Roborock's deals on robot vacuums and mops are only valid for a short period – from November 20th until the end of the month. When December arrives, prices return to normal, meaning last-minute shoppers should buy now to avoid missing out.

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