Samsung Announces 8TB T5 EVO Portable SSD

By Julie Clover

Samsung today announced the launch of its latest portable SSD, the T5 EVO, with up to 8TB of storage. 8 TB is the largest capacity offered by portable SSDs on the market.

T5 Evo Supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds for data transfer speeds up to 460MB/s. That's much faster than standard hard drives, but slower than NVME SSDs like Samsung's T7 and T9 series.

Samsung designed the T5 with a rectangular case with a clip that can be attached to luggage and backpacks. Has drop protection up to six feet thanks to its rubberized surface. Samsung has also implemented Dynamic Thermal Guard technology to protect against overheating.

The SSD is 3.74 inches long, 1.57 inches wide and weighs 3.6 ounces, making it portable and ideal for travel.

The 8TB version of the T5 EVO SSD costs $650 and can be purchased from Samsung's website. Samsung also offers 2TB and 4TB versions priced at $190 and $350, respectively.

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