Rumor: AirTag 2 will debut with Apple Vision Pro integration in early 2025.


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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supported the AirTag 2 rumors, saying that mass production will likely begin in late 2024 and will have some integration with Apple Vision Pro.

Back in June 2022 Ming-Chi Kuo made a pretty obvious prediction: if AirTags were successful, Apple would develop a second-generation model. Despite its problems, AirTags were a huge hit, so now Kuo has given his third talk on the subject in a year.

No big deal context, Kuo took to X/Twitter on Wednesday to issue a brief statement regarding the AirTag 2 rumors. His tweet was short and lacking in details.

Adding Find My to Apple Vision Pro seems obvious. The iPhone already uses a direction finder to find accessories, so adding this feature to the headset makes a lot of sense.

In August, he previously stated that the devices would go on sale in 2024. The start of mass production at the end of 2024 somewhat refutes this information.

Given Apple's usual mass production schedule, the devices could arrive in March or April 2025. This is, of course, assuming Kuo's graph is correct.

Kuo is usually careful to clarify when he bases a report on supply chain sources, and this time he doesn't say so. In the full post, he says that Apple has another reason to continue developing AirTags.

He doesn't give any details about his forecast and didn't indicate what kind of development he thinks Apple might bring to the second-generation AirTag.

While AirTags' hardware has not changed since the device's launch in April 2021, the software has been updated specifically to improve its anti-stalking features.

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