Right to Bill Repair, backed by Apple, is now law in California

Apple Self-Healing Program

Right to Repair Bill SB 244 was signed into law, which Apple had previously said it would support because it had already met its requirements .

Apple has been at the center of many a right-to-repair debate, but this time it's on the right side of the law. California signed into law the Right to Change bill, SB 244, which is set to have a ripple effect throughout the United States.

The bill expands the existing Song-Beverly Consumer Safeguards Act of 1970 and has similar coverage to a bill passed in Minnesota in May.

SB-244 imposes strict conditions on manufacturers, requiring parts, tools and documentation for any product purchased for seven years after release. This bill goes far beyond existing warranty requirements.

Apple's self-service program for iPhone, released in 2022, has gradually expanded to Mac. The program is sufficient to meet the requirements of SB-244, which is why the company has publicly supported the bill.

While this bill and Apple's support are not enough to suppress the right to repair, they are a step in the right direction. Maintainability and parts availability are often touted as important benefits for reducing carbon emissions, something Apple is very committed to.

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