Review of ultra-compact Mixfly charger for Apple Watch: good enough and inexpensive


Mixfly updates the ultra-compact iWatch Charger Dock for Apple Watch

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Amazon has some Apple Watch accessories that are absolute trash. From time to time something worthwhile jumps out of the pile.

We're not really big fans of brands on Amazon with too many contiguous consonants. However, from time to time we see something from one of these brands or a neighbor that catches our attention.

We know it's a related brand because the full name of the product is “Mixfly Upgrade Ultra-Compact iWatch Charger Dock for Apple Watch”. We'll just call it “Mixfly's ultra-compact Apple Watch charger.”

This little fool caught our attention mainly because we needed something during the day and didn't want to waste time going to a big store and paying full price. It's perfect to toss in the inside pocket of your travel bag, just in case you forgot your Apple Watch charger or dock, or the one you have won't fully survive a trip like ours.

Pull it out, plug it in with a Lightning cable, and you're done.

There is no special sauce here, nor any special Apple-authorized seal. Apple Watch since Series 3 (theoretically) can use Qi, and this is what it seems, only in a case convenient for Apple.

If you hold it close to the back of an iPhone without a wireless charging case, which is pretty much everything that's been shipped in the last five years, it even works like Qi — not MagSafe — wireless charger. Considering it requires a Lightning cable, we're not sure why you wouldn't just plug it into your iPhone instead of fiddling with it and being incredibly accurate.

The charging time is the same as Apple's non-quick plastic wall charger. We tested it on the first generation Apple Watch SE, second generation Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 8 with no problems, and the magnetic strength is good.

We've had no issues with random physical shutdowns or unexplained charging stops. Well, at least no more trouble than the Apple Watch puck usually does.

In addition, it also works with AirPods Charging Cases that are compatible with the Apple Watch Charging Puck.

So far, in the eight weeks since we took the (low-risk) chance to buy it, it has survived a 1,700-mile round trip by car, 11 days in a hotel, several train rides, and perhaps the biggest evidence of this is the rough treatment by the children. In terms of durability, that's about what you would expect from something like this.

Sometimes reviews are short and sweet. This is one of them. Despite the odd “iWatch” name, this one-inch metal and plastic Apple Watch charger does what it claims to do, does it very well and is cheap.

We're by no means sure this will last forever, but for now it's a decent solution to not have another cable in your travel bag. And, if you lose it, based on the pricing history and the attached coupons we've seen over the last month, most of the time you lose around $9, and maybe only $6.

Mixfly Ultra Compact Apple Watch Pro Charger

  • Affordable price
  • Compact for travel
  • Uses the Lightning you probably use for your iPhone
  • Works with AirPods

Mixfly ultra-compact Apple Watch charger Cons< /h2 >

  • Unknown brand

Rating: 4 out of 5

This rating suggests you can get it for less than $10. Take half a point off this rating if it's worth the full retail price of $15.

< p>Since we have a lot more travel in the next few months, we'll see how long this lasts and come back in a few months.

Where to buy

Mixfly Upgrade iWatch ultra-compact charging dock for Apple Watch retail for 14, 99 dollars. When this is posted, you can click the button to apply the 35% off coupon — this is almost always the case.

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