Review: iPod Touch Lives On With GRID Studio Wall Art

Review: iPod Touch Lives On With GRID Studio Wall ArtThursday, November 17, 2022 3:38 PM PST by Joe Rossignol. Gameboy. Each device is disassembled and the components are artistically displayed and framed.

The company recently sent me an iPod touch frame for review. The original iPod touch was the first Apple product I ever owned and helped me become an Apple reporter, so this device is very important to me. However, note that the frame contains the second generation iPod touch, released in September 2008.

The iPod touch is priced at $139 in the US. A great gift for an Apple fan this holiday season, especially after the last iPod touch was discontinued earlier this year. It also offers frames for multiple iPhones, iPad mini, iPod classic, and Apple Watches.

The frame is beautifully packaged in heavy black paper with ribbon and wax seal. Inside, my frame was in good condition except for two small scuffs on the back of the black frame near the clips holding the back panel. While not perfect, this damage is very minor and is not visible when the frame is hung on the wall.

The front plastic cover is covered with a protective film that needs to be removed. I immediately started tearing off the plastic film, but the result was pieces stuck under the black frame, and then I realized that it would be better to remove the back cover and remove the entire plastic film, so keep that in mind.

Frame components include front of iPod touch with printed screenshot, home button, 3.5-inch multi-touch display, logic board, back case with headphone jack, and 30-inch touch display. a male connector for a docking station, various flexible cables and buttons, and more. The bezel also has the original iPod touch text insignia and a release date of September 5, 2007, as well as a quote from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

There are a few scratches and a tiny dent on the back of the case. iPod touch since the device is in use, but that's not a problem for me and the frame would be much more expensive if it contained a brand new device. I wish it was the original iPod touch, but the second generation model is still old enough to capture the nostalgia of the device.

There are two small hooks on the back of the frame for hanging the painting on the wall, as well as an extra pair of hooks in the box.

Overall , high quality frame and is a very cool wall art. Other than two tiny abrasions on the back of the frame that may have occurred during shipping, I have no complaints. Sure, there are cheaper wall arts, but the GRID Studio frames are worth checking out if you're a die-hard Apple fan or know someone who is.

GRID Studio frames can be purchased from the website, though there is many options. available for shipping through December 25.

Note: GRID Studio provided MacRumors with a framed iPod touch for the purposes of this review, but no other compensation was received. This is not paid advertising.

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