Reolink introduces new 4K Solar+ CCTV cameras

There are many options for home security cameras, from ultra-low to ultra-high. Almost all of them have disadvantages: high subscription prices, poor quality, the need for wiring, or unreasonable initial costs. But Reolink has just released a new line of solar-powered 4K cameras that include 4K recording, dual-band Wi-Fi and, perhaps best of all, no subscription required!

Argus 3 Ultra and Argus Eco Ultra: [4G Solar+] Spotlight and 2.4G/5GHz Wi-Fi

Reolink has two different options for more basic security cameras – Argus Eco Ultra and Argus 3 Ultra. The only real difference between the two is the shape and size, although the actual capabilities are the same. The Eco is bullet shaped like more traditional security cameras, while the thinner Argus 3 shape is easier to conceal.

Argus 3 Ultra Argus Eco Ultra

They both shoot in 4K resolution at 15fps, which is great for security cameras—you'll have enough resolution to zoom in and take a close look at what's going on, but you won't have to waste memory or power on high frame rates. They also have a diagonal field of view of 125 degrees, which provides a really wide coverage area.

Many security cameras require you to run wires to each location where you want to install the camera, which requires a lot of extra work. so instead, all Reolink cameras are solar powered and Wi-Fi connected. You can simply charge the internal battery from the USB-C port and then let it run, or you can take the Reolink 2 solar panel to charge the battery using solar power. They are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, and rubber port covers protect ports and switches.

Argus PT Ultra: [4G Solar+] Pan and tilt

While the Argus Eco Ultra and Argus 3 Ultra are great cameras, they may not suit all needs, and in some other cases you may want to purchase the Argus PT Ultra. As you'd expect, “PT” stands for Pan-Tilt, so you can mount the camera and control its direction remotely. In their app you have 360 ​​degree control, so by giving this camera a slightly elevated perspective you can cover a really large area. Like other Reolink cameras, it includes floodlights and PIR for motion detection, a microSD card slot for local recording, and of course, high-resolution 4K imaging—whether it's shot at night or during the day. A backlight on the front of the camera, which turns on when motion is detected in the dark, provides clear images.

Mounting the cameras

Mounting the cameras

Everything needed for installation is included right in the box, whether you mount the cameras on top or against a wall. There are templates for drilling, and then you attach the mounts to the wall. Finally, you attach the cameras to the mounts themselves.

Adding cameras to the app is as easy as scanning a QR code. Because these are solar-powered cameras, you won't be recording them all the time, so you can set up a custom schedule so they record when a person, vehicle, or pet is detected in specific locations based on time and day. You can choose to have the cameras alert you via push notifications, email, or even a siren. The app has a lot more features, including more creative features like slow motion.

GO PT Ultra: [4G Solar+] 4G Network

I have an Argus Eco Ultra, Argus 3 Ultra and Argus PT Ultra set up to cover the front and sides of the house, but I haven't put them in the back at home.

Although the cameras I've worked with provide excellent Wi-Fi connections, if you want cover somewhere, it's out of reach. (or you need an extra backup in case you lose your internet), you should take a look at Reolink's Go PT Ultra. Like their Argus PT Ultra, it features a 4K camera on a pan/tilt mount, but adds 4G LTE connectivity to dual-band Wi-Fi so you can keep an eye on your cameras wherever you place them. even if your electricity or internet is out. The back of our house has a pretty spotty Wi-Fi connection, so it would be the perfect place for one of these even more powerful cameras. 

You can buy the entire line of new Reolink cameras, from Argus 3 Ultra and Argus Eco Ultra to Argus PT Ultra and Go PT Ultra with an additional 8% discount (combinable discounts) up to 20% with code “9to5Mac8%OFF“ on the Reolink website.

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