Radical iMac Mod Shows How Apple Could Remove Chin For Full Screen Design

By Hartley Charlton

Technicians in China have developed a sophisticated modification to get rid of the “chin” of a 24-inch iMac and achieve a full-screen design.

Io Technology, a hardware modification and repair group and chips, posted a video showing some of the engineering behind the amazing ‌iMac‌ modification on the Chinese video hosting Bilibili. It got attention on Twitter after it was posted by users like DuanRui.


‌iMac‌ The G4, with the same bezels around the display, was cited as the inspiration for the modification. While moving most of the ‌iMac&zwnj's internal components to a stand, as originally considered by the G4, placing them directly behind the bottom edge of the display was ultimately chosen as a method to reduce the unit's front profile while retaining much of its slim design.

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First, ‌iMac‌ was disassembled and the “chin” area of ​​the display was cut off and the edges were sanded to the same shape as the top. A new rear case with more area for the motherboard and ports was digitally created and 3D printed for testing purposes, then machined from aluminum and anodized. Then the ‌iMac‌ have been placed in a new case with some additional measures to mitigate increased thermal constraints.

Along with the new case, an illuminated Apple logo was added, made from laser-cut acrylic, reminiscent of older models MacBook. Io Technology has also created a Space Gray version of a modified 24-inch ‌iMac‌ with black borders around the display.

The iMac's all-screen design was widely rumored ahead of the announcement of the 24-inch ‌iMac‌ in April last year. When a device with white bezels and a prominent chin was finally announced, some users criticized the design. However, it is likely that the ‌iMac‌ and placing its processor below the screen prevents heat transfer from the chip directly to the display, which can shorten the life of the display, and also provides a better place for the power cord.

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