Proton Drive apps for iOS and Android are now available for encrypted cloud storage

Tim Hardwick

Swiss privacy startup Proton today announced the release of mobile apps for its Proton Drive cloud storage service, providing users with an easier way to securely upload, store and share files from their iOS and Android devices.< /p> < p>
All files and folders uploaded to the storage service are protected by Proton's open source public end-to-end encryption that uses on-device encryption keys so no one else – not even Proton – can access the content. This includes related metadata such as file and folder names, actual file size, file extensions, thumbnails, and more.

Data uploaded and stored on Proton servers is located in data centers in Switzerland and Germany, providing users with strong legal and hardware protection (the company claims it is not subject to US and EU jurisdiction and is not subject to subject to intelligence sharing agreements). There are no file size limits, so users can safely share and transfer large files.

The apps also offer offline access to files and folders, so they can be accessed without an internet connection. When offline access is enabled for a file or folder, it is encrypted and stored on the device, so it can only be accessed through the Proton Drive app.

Users can also create secure file sharing links from the Proton Drive app that can be shared with others even if they don't have a Proton account. Shared files are also delivered encrypted and can be securely downloaded by recipients.

Proton Drive offers a free version with 1 GB of cloud storage, and users who subscribe to 500 GB of encrypted storage ($9.99 per month) under the Proton Unlimited plan also get Proton Mail, Proton Calendar and Proton VPN. There is also an individual Proton Drive subscription that offers 200GB of storage for $3.99/month.

“Historically, people have had very few secure personal cloud storage options,” said Andy Yen, founder and CEO of Proton. . “While there have always been apps to download and store files on your phone, they provide poor privacy and data leaks from mobile devices are common. Proton Drive provides end-to-end encrypted file storage for iOS and Android and is in line with Proton's mission. to ensure ease of use and free access to privacy tools.”

The Proton Drive app is free to download from the App Store and the Google Play Store. Proton announces that the Proton Drive app for Windows will be available on beta releases coming soon, followed by an app for macOS.

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