Protect your charging iPhone and iPad with the Baseus 40W Power Strip

Baseus PowerCombo 40W Hybrid Power Strip


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Connecting multiple devices doesn't mean you have to use multiple outlets as the new Baseus PowerCombo Pro 40W power strip provides connectivity so your iPhone, iPad, and four more devices can be charged at the same time.

If you charge a lot of devices at home, most setups have a charger here, a cable there, and it can be difficult to find a permanent place to charge your iPhone. Those who care about the cleanliness of the workplace may not necessarily want a lot of cables running from their desk to several outlets, and probably do not want so many chargers in sight.

Baseus GaN PowerCombo Pro 40W extender allows you to install a central charging station almost anywhere. One that can charge up to six devices at the same time from a single outlet.

The device has three built-in AC outlets, as well as a pair of USB Type-C connectors and one USB-A output, which can be used simultaneously. What's more, you can quickly charge devices up to 40W.

Charge and protect 6 devices at the same time

Place it on your desk with your MacBook via an AC pass-through plug and more! Or charge all the iPhones and iPads in the house from a single wall outlet. And, if you're traveling by Amtrak, you have an AC outlet you can use, so you can charge all your gear in an hour on the road and also charge your neighbor!

The possibilities are endless and only limited by the cables you have.

The Baseus PowerCombo Pro 40W Power Strip comes with a 5ft extension

Besides, it protects your devices. It also has extended protection against power surges or shocks due to bad weather.

The BDIP technology developed by Baseus checks the power status up to 86,400 times a day and can turn off the power in half a second if it detects overload, overcurrent, overvoltage or undervoltage.

The status LED on the top is used to turn the tape on and off with a single push, as well as indicate device status, so it's easy to see if there's power at the outlet. A solid blue light means the power is on, a slow pulse means high power charging is in progress, and a fast pulse indicates abnormal charging to quickly tell you the problem.

Many ports to choose from

The Baseus PowerCombo Pro 40W Power Strip is available on Amazon for $39.99 with an additional 20% off when using an on-page coupon . Final price $35.99, total discount 50%.

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