Protect your car or truck with 70mai Omni Dash Cam

Brand New 70mai Omni DVR


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If you're passionate about your car or truck, here's how you can keep it safe when parking or on the move with the 70mai Omni DVR.

One of the dangers of owning a car is that other people use the roads. Due to accidents and other traffic incidents, dash cams have become a must-have accessory for several reasons.

The devices are extremely useful if you're involved in an accident, as they provide proof that another vehicle has left in front of you, for example. Gathering this evidence can go a long way when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and the police.

Security must also be considered when parking, as the dash cam may reveal who has tried to break in, which can lead to an arrest. However, not all dash cams provide all the necessary coverage around the car.

And this is where the 70mai Dash Cam Omni comes to the rescue. It is the only camera on the market that provides full 360-degree coverage with a 140-degree wide-angle camera and built-in motor.

It's like a small and mobile guard in the parking lot, constantly looking after your car.


Getting Started

Getting started with Omni is very easy and requires very little steps. To place it, all you need to do is remove the protective material and then stick it to the inside of your car's windshield.

Easy installation with anti-static sticker

Then you need to route the included USB-C power cable to the included car power adapter. That's it for its basic setup.

Dual Output USB Adapter

Overall, it is a compact device of 3.6 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, so it does not take up much space. on the windshield.

There is a loop of light around the device to show that it is on, and on the back there is also a 1.2-inch display with a resolution of 240×240. In addition to controls, this screen can display reactive Omni MaiX emoticons, turning Omni into a digital travel companion.

If you want to take advantage of Omni's 24-hour time-lapse parking surveillance, you'll also need to install a cable kit that keeps the camera powered at all times.

Omni dash cam lens

After installing the hardware, you need to download a free companion app that will guide you through the rest of the installation process and allow you to further configure the camera.

High Quality Any Direction

The Omni camera records all footage in 1080p. up to 60 fps resolution so you don't miss anything even when you need to check the details of a fast moving car.

Construction work areas can be dangerous

In addition to a wide viewing angle, it has a large F/1.5 aperture to help improve image quality in low light conditions. illumination, as well as its night vision function. Using the new PureCel Plus-S HDR technology, Omni also automatically adjusts exposure levels, further contributing to best-in-class low-light performance.

A key feature of the Omni is its 360-degree motorized grip system that pans the camera in different directions. By default, it will shoot the front of the car, like other dash cams, controlling the road itself.

The motor is activated when the collision detection function is activated, which rotates the camera in the direction in which the collision occurred.

Night mode video capture

If an accident or other emergency occurs, Omni will automatically save the video for later retrieval. It has a feature to record 5 seconds before a collision, so it will save precious seconds before a collision occurs.

They will help determine what happened or who caused the accident, which is important to know later.

AI, parking and ADAS

Collision detection is not just for normal driving, as it is also convenient for parking. Not only will it record when someone hits your car in the parking lot, but its exclusive AI motion detection system will also keep an eye out for suspicious people around your car just in case.

On the road, the 70mai Dash Cam Omni can also help the driver by providing additional assistance functions. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) will alert drivers to various road activities that they should be aware of but may not be aware of.

ADAS audio and visual alerts for things like lane departure

Including lane shift, pedestrian or cyclist warning ahead of you and if you are too close to the car ahead.

While some newer premium vehicles offer such built-in features, the 70mai Omni dash cam provides a great opportunity to add these features to an older vehicle that cannot be retrofitted in this way.

Integrated smart controls even extend to how you control it with your voice. You can say something like “take a photo”, “shoot it right” or “make a vlog” if you need to shoot a video while driving.

Useful for testing

When testing something like a DVR you don't really want to get into crash to know it works. Unfortunately, this happened while using the 70mai Dash Cam Omni.

After parking the car and leaving it for a doctor's appointment, it turned out that the new driver had inadvertently crashed into the front of the jeep. Luckily her mother was a passenger and did the right thing, but other drivers may have left to avoid paying for repairs.

Dash Cam Omni has a built-in status screen

In this case, Omni captured the entire incident. Even if the other car leaves to hide, there will be enough evidence.

You never know what might happen, but the 70mai Omni DVR will help you understand what HAPPENED, whether your car is parked or on the road.

Where to buy

Pre-order for the 70mai Omni DVR will start on December 10th. It retails for $149.99.

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