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The new Apple TV 4K and Mac mini are relatively small but functional devices that require additional physical protection. MacLocks has an elegant yet practical solution.

Mac mini and Apple TV 4K show noticeable improvements over the previous generation, so expect them to be used in more places than ever. However, these small devices need to be kept safe and sound without losing their elegant design or device functionality.

Mounts can sometimes be cumbersome or awkward to install, affecting the elegance and ease of use that Apple products typically offer. MacLocks secure mounts are designed to fit in the middle, offering device mounts that take into account specific device design, ports, and cooling without sacrificing aesthetics.

Apple TV MacLocks Security Mount

Apple TV 4K is more affordable and functional than ever with the A15 processor and a starting price of $129. This means that it will appear in many other places than before.

Offices, classrooms, conference rooms, and even waiting rooms take advantage of Apple TV. For example, educators use AirPlay to show content from an iPad in the classroom to an Apple TV instead of a projector, or control educational content such as movies and photos on the device.

However, simply connecting the device to a power source and an HDMI cable makes it potentially vulnerable to theft. Such a small device can easily slip into a pocket or bag without warning, so a secure mount is required.

Apple TV Security Mount

Apple TV Security Mount by MacLocks features a lightweight, low profile and fully secure mounting bracket. It can be mounted to any flat surface, uses 100mm x 100mm and 75mm x 75mm VESA templates, and can be secured with a key lock.

The sides of the Apple TV mount are ventilated to help prevent overheating. This Apple TV stand is compatible with all Apple TV 4K models.

Purchase the Apple TV Security Mount from the MacLocks website for $49.95. Add an anchor point for $12.95, a cable lock for $24.95, or an upgrade with the same key for $7.95.

MacLocks Mac mini security mount

Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro is an excellent machine that will find use in many corporate and educational environments. The new lower $599 starting price and higher performance will attract many upgraders and new buyers.

As an option, Mac mini excels with its plug-and-play setup. Customers who receive the upgraded model will only need to trade in their old Mac or PC for the new — there is no need to change your preferred mouse, keyboard or monitor.

For example, designers and editors buy Mac mini because of its small size, which fits easily into an office environment. But like the Apple TV, a device this small and portable will need a secure mounting option.

Mac mini Security Mount

Businesses looking to secure or mount their Mac mini with minimal effort may want to look into MacLocks for Mac mini. This is a high quality 100×100 and 75×75 VESA aluminum mounting bracket that can be fixed with a key lock.

The sides of the arms are ventilated to keep your Mac mini cool while you work. In addition, ports are easily accessible and wireless signals are not interrupted.

Get your Mac mini Security Mount at MacLocks for $49.95. Add an anchor point for $12.95, a cable lock for $24.95, a combination cable lock for $24.95, or an upgrade with the same key for $7.95. This mount is compatible with any Mac mini.

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