Practice: new Apple silicone cases for iPhone 15

Silicone cases for iPhone 15

Apple's new iPhone 15 silicone cases come in a variety of colors, but otherwise haven't changed much . past years. Let's take a closer look at the new shades.

These updated silicone cases with MagSafe are available in all four sizes. The cases are minimalist, thin and waterproof, making them a popular choice among new iPhone buyers — especially with their availability on the first day.

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Apple silicone cases for iPhone 15

Apple's new line of silicone cases for iPhone 15 is presented in eight flowers. Colors:

  • Clay
  • Cypress
  • Black
  • Winter Blue
  • Thunder Blue
  • Guava
  • Orange Sorbet
  • Light Pink

Apple's iPhone 15 silicone cases have a microfiber lining

The design of the new cases is very similar to previous versions of Apple's silicone cases, with the exception of changes in the colors and sizes of the updated phones. The exterior is all silicone, with a plastic core and a soft-touch microfiber lining.

The entire line supports MagSafe, including color-matched animations when placed on the phone.

Buttons on Apple cases for iPhone 15

On the sides there are molded silicone buttons built directly into the case. They're darker so they're easier to see and compare to the printed Apple logo on the back.

We're looking at cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max that have an action button that replaces the mute switch.

Storm Blue and Winter Blue cases

We like the new colors, but they seem strangely dark. Apple's iPhone 15 lineup comes in several pastel colors, so we were expecting to see brighter colors paired with them.

They all look good, but we were hoping to see a Product(RED) version or even just a lighter green color.

New silicone cases for iPhone 15

The usual customer complaints will continue with the new cases as they still collect lint like crazy. We're fans of these cases and how thin they are, but the dirt is especially noticeable on darker shades.

Of course, if Apple's silicone cases aren't your thing, there are plenty of third-party options.

Available now

Apple's new line of silicone cases can now be ordered for $49.

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