Poll: Should Apple ditch the FineWoven iPhone 15 cases?

We all already know what it is. Apple has replaced leather accessories with a new material called FineWoven. The idea is that not playing with leather on Apple's scale reduces the company's carbon footprint. So far, so good. But FineWoven wasn't a clear winner. Do you think the initial reaction was exaggerated, or is FineWoven really as bad as its critics say?

At the moment FineWoven is only available on select new products. These include the Apple MagSafe Wallet, AirTag Key Fob, Magnetic Link Watch Band, and Modern Buckle Watch Band. The biggest target for material haters is the FineWoven MagSafe line of iPhone 15 cases. The new cases retail for $59, the same as the leather ones, and come in five earthy colors. It's also environmentally friendly, according to Apple:

Made from durable micro-twill, the material has a soft, suede-like feel. FineWoven was also designed with the environment in mind – it's made from 68 percent recycled materials and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than leather. The case snaps together quickly and fits snugly around your iPhone without adding bulk.

Apple warns that using MagSafe accessories with the FineWoven case will leave what it calls light fingerprints, but that appears to be the case . least dissatisfied customers’ concern. Personally, I have yet to learn the secret of Apple FineWoven material. I've always used iPhones without cases.

But if you prefer Apple's premium cases over silicone ones, how has FineWoven treated you so far? Do you think we'll ever see a revision of the FineWoven cases? Is FineWoven ok? What about FineWoven iPad cases?

Have your opinion in our poll and tell us more in the comments!

More details

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  • FineWoven iPhone Case is labeled MagSafe.
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