Pixelmator Photo Adds New Tools to Sharpen and Detail Shadows in Your Images, Launches Holiday Sale at 50% Off

The Pixelmator team today launched a new version of Pixelmator Photo to help you make the most of your photos this holiday season and beyond. New tools help you sharpen, restore detail in shadows and highlights, and more. Pixelmator Photo is also running a holiday sale: get 50% off your first year of an annual plan.

The application uses the ‘texture-aware’ algorithms to help optimize for clarity. The tool palette contains two simple sliders, one for clarity and one for texture. Drag the sliders to increase the intensity of the algorithmic effect applied to the image.

You can even adjust these settings for different segments of the image separately; shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Version 2.2 also includes updates to contrast, brightness, shadows, and highlights. sliders that allow users to extract even more detail from their photos. Color correction is also significantly faster thanks to internal performance improvements.

Download Pixelmator Photo from the App Store. Subscribe now to take advantage of the holiday sale with 50% off.

Pixelmator Photo first switched to a subscription earlier this year, typically at $23.99 per year. The app is currently available on iPhone and iPad. The company has announced plans to release Pixelmator Photo on Mac in 2023.

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