Philips Hue Secure contact sensors now support HomeKit

Posted by Tim Hardwick

Signify has released new Philips Hue touch sensor firmware that adds support for Apple HomeKit, reports.

Previously, internal sensors could only be managed through the Philips Hue app Security Center. Now, after updating to the new firmware (1961076030), they appear in the Home app, where users can use the “open” and “closed” states of the sensors to create automation and control other HomeKit devices not connected to Philips. Hue Bridge.

Released in September, the Philips Hue Secure Touch Sensor can be attached to doors, windows, cabinets and more, sending notifications when the touch sensor is opened or closed. Users can remotely activate the alarm, which flashes lights, sounds a siren and contacts local authorities, and there are options to customize camera settings.

As with Philips Hue Secure cameras, sensors can be paired with lights to activate them when a sensor is triggered, so they can be used for things like turning on bathroom lights when you open the door. .

Philips Hue rugged touch sensors cost $40 for one or $70 for a set of two sensors, with various mounts and other accessories available for $15 to $50. For more information, visit the Hue website.

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