Philips Hue introduces a “Natural Light” scene for those who change color temperature throughout the day

After a false start earlier this year, the Philips Hue app appears to be rolling out its “Natural Light” scene for more users with the ability to change the color temperature of the lighting in your home throughout the day.

Philips Hue is working on with its “Natural Light”. scene for a while, with the scene allowing the light bulbs in your home to change their color temperature throughout the day. This feature first appeared to some users earlier this year, but was quickly removed and has not reappeared until now.

This morning, a number of Reddit users reported that the latest Philips Hue app updates on Android and iOS are unlocked & #8220;Natural Light” This feature is showing up in the Hue Scene Gallery as a new default option, according to

While this option appears to most people in other countries, there are at least some reports. “Natural light” appears in the United States with newer versions of the Hue app. Personally, I don't see that option, even with the latest firmware update for the app and Hue Bridge.

For those who can see the available scene, the app explains how the feature works before allowing users to set a color temperature change time, with the temperature slowly changing between those times. Or here's how it was supposed to work. Users report that the change is actually quite drastic, which is disappointing to say the least.

The general idea is to have a cooler start in the morning until noon, with temperatures gradually rising throughout the day. evening and night.

This is all based on how the color temperature is affects the body. It has been proven time and time again that “blue light”. Cooler color temperatures trick our body into thinking it's daytime, while warmer temperatures before bed help us fall asleep. This new feature from Philips Hue can help make this happen in any room in your home with the right lighting setup – we hope to see a wider launch soon!

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