Overview: The Moft Float Folio for iPad Pro, Air and mini includes four coasters in a minimalist design.

Moft recently released its latest Apple accessory, a clever origami-style tome that pairs with a stand that offers convenient iPad versatility with a minimalist design. Over the past few weeks, I've been testing the Snap Float Folio, which offers four ways to lift an iPad Pro, Air, or mini using durable magnets.

Moft Float Folio for iPad Specs

  • 4 magnetically backed corners (3 for iPad mini) with two options height
    • Float 1 (3.6″ height for iPad Pro 12.9″, 3.1″ for iPad Pro and iPad Air 11″, 2.4″ for iPad mini)
    • < li>Float Mode 2 (2.3″ Height for 12.9″ iPad Pro, 1.6″ Height for 11″ iPad Pro and iPad Air, 1.5″ Height for iPad mini)

    • Landscape 60° mode
    • 20° landscape mode (iPad Pro and iPad Air only)
  • Polycarbonate with a vegan leather back panel
  • Easy snap-on closure
  • Available in black, brown and gray (Moft says the brown is darker than the photos on the web website).
  • Price: $39.99, $59.99, $69.99 (plus Black Friday promotions from $10 to $60). )

Materials and build

The vegan leather that Moft used for the Float Folio is smooth and soft right out of the box. I found it lived up to its claims of being scratch resistant, I haven't scratched it in a month of using it regularly. jpg” />Black Moft Float Folio

I love how clean and simple this folio is in a very slim form factor. It doesn't add bulk or weight to your iPad, but it does provide four different stand positions with clever angled folds.

Fits my 12.9″ screen. The iPad Pro is precise, and the magnets provide a strong connection to hold the iPad securely in place.

In use

With this unique design, it took me a bit of practice to get the Float Folio's conversion to hang in it's various forms. Luckily, the company has included a handy picture guide that makes this process much easier.

Although all four configurations are useful , 3.6″ the floating stand quickly became my favorite. This is how the stand looks from the back in maximum mode.

On a desktop or at a desk, it's really handy to be able to bring the iPad much closer to your eyes. level with such a thin tome. Plus, it offers a great experience in the kitchen, workshops, and more.

Float Folio's minimalist attributes make it a great travel choice. The only downside to the highest mode is that if you press the screen frequently, there is a slight wobble. But that's part of the trade-off for getting functionality in such a thin folio.

Here's how 2.3″ floating horizontal height:

It offers more lift than most iPad folios but has slightly more stability than 3.6″ float above.

And you still have the more traditional 20 and 70 degree angles that other folios offer:

These folios have no protection if you drop your iPad on an edge or corner.

< p>However, as a solution, Moft offers a slim, magnetic latch iPad case that pairs with Float Float if you want to add edge and corner protection and Apple Pencil storage.

Moft Float Folio for iPad Conclusion

The Moft Float Folio offers many features in an unassuming package.


  • Four iPad stands in an ultra-light case
  • Vegan leather finish is soft and durable.< /li >
  • Suitable for travel or home/office
  • Reasonable price


    < li > Slightly wobbly when touching the iPad when using the highest resolution 3.6″ floating position
  • Does not provide iPad edge/corner drop protection (optional pairs of Snap Case with Float Folio for full protection)

Overall, I give Moft Float Folio for iPad rated 4/5.

You can purchase the Moft Float Folio for iPad Pro, Air, or mini directly from the company, which has a holiday promotion for $10 to $60. off.

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