OtterBox releases new power supplies for iPhone and Apple Watch

New power supplies from OtterBox


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OtterBox offers three new chargers to power iPhone and Apple Watch with features such as nightstand mode and versatility as a car air vent mount.

Apple Watch Power Bank with Charger, Multi-Mount Power Bank, and MagSafe 2-in-1 Power Bank offer a variety of ways to charge your Apple products.

External battery with charger for Apple Watch

Users can charge their Apple Watch four times with the 3,000mAh Power Bank with the Apple Watch Charger. It holds the watch in place with magnets and displays the device in night mode so it can act as an alarm clock.

Apple Watch Power Bank with Charger

The power bank is fingerprint and scratch resistant and features a bi-directional USB-C port so it works as a standalone power bank.

Customers can purchase an Apple Watch Power Supply for $49.95.

Universal Power Bank

15 W. It includes a bidirectional USB-C port that works as a standalone power bank.

Universal Power Supply

It has a non-slip weighted stand to hold your iPhone in place and a mount for vertical and horizontal air vents inside vehicles.

It will be available soon for $149.95.

2-in-1 power bank with MagSafe

This power bank can charge 10,000mAh iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time for people with multiple Apple devices.

Includes up to 15W fast charging for iPhone and fast charging for Apple Watch. The compact, foldable design is a great choice for portability, and the bi-directional USB-C port helps it work as a standalone power bank.

2-in-1 Power Bank with MagSafe

The iPhone can be charged in landscape or portrait with the MagSafe charger, allowing users to watch videos or receive video calls while their device is charging.

It will be available soon for $149.95.

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