Opera x TikTok: Try any job with this official browser integration

Opera has received an update today that brings TikTok to the sidebar of its desktop browser. The company says it has received strong feedback from users that they want this feature, and now it's here to help you “multitask”. and more.

Opera launched an update today and claims to be the first browser to integrate TikTok. on desktop in blog post:

“Hi Opera fans!

Are you TikTokers too? Are you like two out of three respondents to our survey who would like TikTok to be built into the sidebar of the Opera browser, like Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp? Well, wish no more! We went one step further and integrated the app right into our flagship browser based on our user survey, which found that 65 percent of people aged 18 to 35 who use TikTok would like to use it on their desktop browser as well. .”

Opera keeps saying that TikTok on the desktop is useful for things like trying out a new recipe or multitasking on your computer, or when you just don't want to have to hold that phone any longer.& #8221;

For those who love TikTok on PC, it’s easy to bookmark it in the favorites bar in any browser. But Opera is proving that it is now “the only browser that offers a way to enjoy TikTok without opening a separate app or searching through tabs.”

It looks like you won't have to fiddle around with resizing the browser window either, as the built-in option TikTok in Opera opens in a window of the perfect size.

Another step up from Opera, built-in TikTok is handy for creators who like to upload files from a computer, and you also have a built-in VPN.

How to enable TikTok in Opera Browser

This feature is not enabled by default, if you like it, here is how to enable TikTok in Opera:

  • Click on the three dots at the bottom of the Opera sidebar and turn it on in the Messages section of the sidebar.

Don't have Opera?

If you don't already have Opera and want to give it a try, you can download it for free for all operating systems.

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