One way Knives Out sequel The Glass Bow eluded the non-iPhone bad guys: Samsung's foldable devices

Ahead of its Netflix release next month, The Glass Bow: Knives Out is currently in theaters with a one-week limited release. It's a film with a lot of nuance, but one of the smartest moments was how Rian Johnson managed to avoid what the director said was going to “fuck him” in the next detective movie. Some spoilers about Glass Onion below.

Back in February 2020, Johnson revealed, how “bad guys can't film iPhones” and joked that “Every director who has a bad guy in a movie that's supposed to be a secret wants to kill me right now.” to expose.

“Apple, they let you use your iPhone in movies, but it's very important if you’ If you've ever watched a detective movie, the bad guys can't shoot iPhones”

Rian Johnson

In the 2019 movie, Apple is listed as “manufacturers of would like to thank you.” end credits section. The character played by Chris Evans noticeably uses an Android phone (as well as Chrome and Proton Mail). Everyone else had an iPhone, and a few people wore an Apple Watch.

In a sequel that was part of an intense war with Apple and Amazon before the Netflix victory, you see many characters using Samsung foldable devices based on Android. We see several Galaxy Folds and Flips being heavily used by the main cast.

Dave Bautista's character was on a Fold, and Katherine Hahn had a Flip. Kate Hudson also used a regular Galaxy S smartphone. Some liberties may have been taken with device generations using slightly newer models, in my opinion, than those available when the movie was set in mid-2020.

The widespread use of non-iPhone devices probably serves several purposes. Firstly, to satisfy this Apple decree (in more than one way), but also to confuse observers who know that “bad guys can't shoot an iPhone on camera.” At the same time, Johnson wants us to be suspicious of the core cast, and using them without an iPhone seems to confirm this.

There is also a fourth goal (another, more important path Glass Onion escapes ‘bad guys can't use iPhones’), but I wouldn't want to ruin this until more people see the movie.< /p>

Meanwhile, the iPad Pro appears humorously and is checked out by Daniel Craig and Edward Norton. Other noteworthy and slightly spoiler techies Physical inclusions include:

  • Daniel Craig – in the bath – plays (and plays badly) Among Us with Natasha Lyonne, Kareem Abdul. – Jabbar, Angela Lansbury and Stephen Sondheim
  • Live on YouTube and Twitch
  • Dave Bautista's use of Google Alerts is the main, if not central to the story
  • Main (fictitious) news article on The Verge.

The Glass Bow: Knives Out Mystery hits Netflix December 23rd.

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