Offers: Get a free $30 gift card with a Costco membership.

Get a $30 Costco Store Card.


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For a limited time only, get a free $30 Costco Digital Store Card with an annual Costco Gold Star membership.

Costco membership offers are incredibly rare, but AppleInsider readers this weekend can take advantage of one of the best warehouse club deals of 2022.

Buy for $60.

For the cost of an annual Gold Star membership of $60, readers can receive a bonus $30 Costco Digital Store Card. Costco offers warehouse deals on thousands of items, from daily necessities and food to clothing and kitchen appliances. It can also be used at Costco gas stations, offering exceptional value as a membership often pays off.

This deal is only valid for new members [Members whose membership has expired more than 18 months (before April 2021)] in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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