Notes for iOS 17 has a problem with writing from right to left.

Apple Notes

iOS Notes app users may experience issues when entering text in some right-to-left languages, but this is not the case in iOS 17 . Correct handling of cursor movement when entering text in the application.

Cursor movement while typing is well known to computer and mobile device users. While there are often differences in how the cursor acts when typing from left to right or right to left depending on the language, the actions that the cursor performs while typing are almost universal across platforms and applications.

However, there appears to be a bug in the way the cursor responds to text input for some languages ​​that rely on reading text from right to left. The cursor doesn't work properly for some right-to-left languages ​​in the Notes app, including Arabic and Hebrew. This was reported by an AppleInsider member and also noted on X in a complaint to Apple Support.

In languages ​​that work from left to right, the cursor is usually located to the right of the passage or the last word typed. In right-to-left languages, the cursor must change its behavior so that it can be better positioned so that the text is directed toward the left side of the page.

When testing AppleInsider using Hebrew, the error in Notes was that the cursor was attached to the right side of the text line, rather than the left. When you type directly without editing, sentences and words come out fine, but when it comes to cursor position, you are typing blindly.

If you try to add a word in the middle of an already typed sentence, the new word will appear on the right at the beginning of the sentence. Returning is also a problem because the cursor is treated as if it were in the right margin.

For affected users, the issue effectively means that they will have to get the sentence right the first time or they will have problems when they try to edit it later.

It is unclear how many languages ​​are affected by this issue, how many users are directly affected, or whether there are specific circumstances that could cause the issue to occur.

Apple Support currently has at least one report in English on social media about a problem with text input in Notes, so the problem is known.

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