NFL Sunday Ticket talks with Apple begin in overtime

Apple likely to win NFL Sunday ticket bid


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With only a few weeks left of the regular football season, it's time to announce a deal between the NFL and someone on the Sunday Ticket — and all eyes are on Apple.

It's no secret that Apple wants to complement its Apple TV+ streaming platform with additional sports features. He already has Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer contracts, but now he needs a football package.

According to Sportico's report, Apple remains the top contender for the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket, but negotiations are moving very slowly. The deal was expected to close in the fall of 2022, but is now likely to run until 2023.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has nothing to say about this, except that the talks are at a breaking point. .

“Our decisions are not based on deadlines,” said Goodell. “They are based on getting the best result with the best game.”

Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney appear to have had a hand in this deal. Although it seems that Apple is the best choice — this has been the case since at least September 2021.

In the meantime, NFL fans will have to settle for Apple sponsoring the Super Bowl. Rihanna will headline the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Apple may announce an official NFL Sunday ticket package while they're there.

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