New MacBook Pro coming before end of 2023, dubious rumor claims

MacBook Pro

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Apple will release new versions of the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro before the end of 2023, Digitimes reports, but there are several reasons to doubt the report.

鈥淎pple is expected to release new models of 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro devices in the fourth quarter of 2023,鈥 says a new Digitimes supply chain report, 鈥渨ith mini-LED backlighting that can increase display brightness by 10.鈥 % compared to first generation specifications.”

“The brightness boost is not intended to improve picture quality, but rather to save power and improve battery life,” the sources said, adding that the new devices will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2023.

So, the claimed new mini-LED display could be 10% brighter when fully turned on, which Digitimes means that Apple will use it to maintain the current brightness level and consume less power to do so.

The report also says that Apple is going to use mini-LEDs for the MacBook Pro line until 2026. This could very well be true, and Apple is constantly working on improving mini-LEDs and micro-LEDs for its displays.

However, the release of a new MacBook Pro update in the remaining months of 2023 does not coincide with any other recent source.Initially, there were repeated rumors about an update in the fall of 2023, but both older and more recent reports say that MacBook updates Pro won't be available until 2024.

Another reason to doubt the graphics is the reliability of the source. Digitimes has a good reputation for its supply chain sources, but a much poorer record for the inferences it draws about Apple's plans and schedules from those suppliers.

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