New features still available for watchOS 9 and Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra, and more

From the Apple Watch Ultra to watchOS 9, there have been many smartwatch innovations this fall. Apple isn't quite done, though, as that's not all there is to the new Apple Watch features.

Track Detection

Tagged “coming soon” On the Apple Watch Ultra product page, track discovery is a new feature that runners will appreciate.

Apple is including a preview of track discovery and how it will work with the Workout app in a future update. This feature automatically detects when you arrive on the treadmill and asks which lane you are using to get the most accurate readings.

“Workout detects when you arrive on the treadmill and uses it as data Apple Maps and GPS to provide the most accurate pace, distance and route map” Apple says.

Race route

If your training program includes outdoor running or cycling on the same route, the update “will be released later this year.” will help you compete with your best performance. The Race Route is a new feature introduced to the Workout app in the watchOS 9 update.

“If you frequently go for a run or bike workout outdoors, you can get the best performance and the latest updates. who will help you with this,” Apple says.

International Roaming

The tag “coming soon” See the Apple Watch Series 8 product page for international roaming, a new cellular feature for both Series 8 and Ultra.

“With international roaming, call, text, stream music, and get help in an emergency in the many places your travels will take you” says Apple.


The watchOS 9 and Family Setup update will bring more HomeKit experiences to Apple Watches customized for kids.

“Your kids can be invited to the Home app as members and can control HomePod speakers and smart home accessories like thermostats and lights.” Apple says. A future update will also allow &#82200 parents to add house keys, hotel keys and more to Wallet” for kids via family setting.


Apple Watch Ultra customers can already use the Apple Depth app to record depth and measure water temperature, while a third-party a diving app called Oceanic+ is yet to come. Instead of building its own dive app, Apple is relying on Oceanic experts to turn the Ultra into a dive computer. The Apple Watch Ultra is designed for recreational scuba diving to depths of up to 40 meters.

“The Oceanic+ app for iPhone allows you to not only calculate depth and time, but also take into account local conditions such as tides, water temperature , and even information from the community such as visibility and currents” Apple promises.

“Or just use your watch to plan your dive quickly and easily. All the safety alerts you would expect from a dive computer are included in Oceanic+, from decompression limits to excessive ascent rates and safety stops.

Oceanic says “depth tracking (including depth alarms)”. , GPS tracking, logbook (up to 12 dives), snorkeling and more” will be available free of charge.

Subscription required for “more advanced dive options such as no decompression” according to Oceanic. Prices range from $5 per day to $130 per year. Oceanic+ won't launch with freediving support, but the company says it will come in a future update.

Top image: Apple Watch Ultra with Trail Loop and Siri watch face on Belkin BoostCharge Pro

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