Native Union releases 'impossible' dual USB-C and Lightning charging cable

Julie Clover

Accessories company Native Union today announced the Belt Cable Duo, a dual-terminal charging cable with Lightning and USB-C charging ports so you can use it with all your devices.

< br/>These types of cables are not uncommon, but charging options that include Lightning and USB-C chargers are usually USB-A cables, not USB-C. The Duo Belt Cable has an MFi-certified Lightning charging connector, a USB-C charging connector, and a USB-C connector for connecting to a power adapter instead of a USB-A connector. Native Union says it's an “impossible” cable design that wasn't previously available until the launch of the Belt Cable Duo.

While the cable has two heads, it's designed to charge a single device, so it's not a dual charger. cable. It can charge a USB-C or Lightning device, and the cable can be used to provide up to 60W of power, so it can be used to quickly charge iPhone and iPad with the appropriate charger.

The cable is braided for durability and a leather strap for winding up when not in use. The cable is available in black and white, black, and gold for $50 and can be ordered from the Native Union website.

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