Narwal Freo Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Cleans floors intelligently, saving you time.

Narwal Freo is Narwal's latest smart vacuum and mop. The suction power of 3000 Pa makes it easy to clean rooms. The Freo robot vacuum intelligently senses how dirty the floor is, so it knows how much to clean after vacuuming.

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Narwal is an innovative company focused on providing smart home cleaning solutions. They are the pioneers of efficient professional cleaning technologies with over 400 patents pending. Based on this research, Freo is a brand new addition to its smart vacuum and mop line.

Narwal Freo offers five different cleaning modes to choose from. Just customize Freo to suit your needs. You can use Vacuum Only mode for targeted daily cleaning and switch to Mop mode when you really need to remove stubborn stains.

Freo is the only cleaning robot that includes a vacuum and then mop mode that first vacuums outside of the base station and then mops the house. This prevents dry dust from getting wet.

You can also use the vacuum and mop modes to perform both tasks at the same time for efficient daily maintenance. And in Freo mode, the robot is even smarter.

Special ‘Freo mode’ This means the robot automatically performs its cleaning and mopping duties with patented DirtSense technology that intelligently adjusts the duration of the mop depending on how dirty the floor is.

Smart-Swing also ensures that Narwal Freo can clean every corner of the room. As you approach the edge of the wall, the back of the robot rotates so that the mops reach the very edges of your room. This superior cleaning performance means the Narwal Freo picks up particles, human hair and pet hair that other vacuum cleaners miss. p>The robot also automatically adjusts the squeegee pressure and humidity on wood and tile floors if you set the floor types in the app. In Freo mode, your cleaning robot does what it needs to do without lifting a finger.

An infrared sensor means Freo automatically avoids obstacles, and cliff sensors help you avoid accidental falls down stairs. if used on the upper floors of your house.

Narwal Freo has a diameter of about 35 centimeters and is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery. When it's time to charge, it automatically returns to the included charging dock. Pure cotton + nylon-polyester make the mop soft and durable.

The Freo Smart Vacuum Cleaner is the next generation model from Narwal. The older Narwal T10 offered 1800 Pa of suction and the Freo jumps over it to 3000 Pa. This is more than enough for a strong daily cleaning. You can easily manage everything with the new built-in LCD touch screen or app. And Freo's intelligence truly sets it apart.

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