Mujjo launches vegan leather waterproof case for MacBook Pro with expandable storage

Mujjo is releasing another new Apple accessory, a vegan leather case that protects 14″ or 16″ MacBook Pro laptops. It comes with a magnetic closure, expandable storage for your power adapter, cables, and iPhone, and other handy features.

The Envoy 14″ and 16″ laptop sleeve for the latest MacBook Pros is smart.

Here's how Mujjo describes it:

&# 8220;Magnetic opening allows for smooth and secure laptop access. And this is just the beginning of the thoughtful design details. When you need to carry around larger accessories such as a charger, the magnetic side opening expands to hold the item. When the pocket is empty, the sleeve stays thin.”

Envoy Sleeve Details

  • Made of waterproof material, vegan leather .
  • Magnetic opening for smooth yet secure access.
  • Expandable opening for large items such as a charger (remains slim when empty).
  • Side opening for laptop charging in case
  • Elasticated pocket keeps your phone secure when you're out and about way.
  • Easy-access slip pocket for a notepad or passport
  • Available in black or navy.
  • Price: $95.

The Envoy Laptop Case is now available to purchase directly from Mujjo, shipping starting November 21.

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