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Most people using the 2019 Mac Pro should upgrade to Mac Studio rather than the 2023 Mac Pro, says Macworld videographer and gamer Thiago Trevisan.

He claims there's only one reason to choose the current Mac Pro over the much smaller Mac Studio, even though the 2019 model was the “best workstation” he's ever owned& #8221; …

Back in April, 9to5Mac videographers Jeff Benjamin and Miles Somerville praised Mac Studio, even noting that you don't… You don't have to spend money on version of the Ultra.

Even the basic Mac Studio is a great computer overall and a huge step up in usability over any M1 Mac Apple sells. It has far more I/O capabilities than any other Apple Silicon-powered desktop option, is quieter than any of the company's laptops, and has relatively generous specs for the $1,999 base model.

When guys who create phenomenally impressive videos every day rate a video editing machine, you know it must be good.

Macworld's Thiago Trevisan echoed this sentiment after testing the machine on his 2019 Mac Pro with impressive specs.

Here's one real-life example: I took a 20-minute clip from R3D Raw 6K video and exported it to ProRes. 422 headquarters The 2019 Intel Mac Pro with a 28-core processor and Radeon Pro W6800X Duo graphics had the same speed as an M2 Ultra with a 76-core GPU.

It notes that you You can run up to 16% faster by equipping your Mac Pro with a pair of AMD 6900 XT GPUs, but it's not a cheap upgrade and surprisingly limited value for money.

Trevisan is also a gamer who builds high-end computers himself, and comparison impressed him again.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider  At 4K, the M2 Ultra performed surprisingly well, achieving a frame rate of 73 fps, which is three frames per second faster than the much more expensive Intel Mac Pro with Radeon Pro W6800x Duo graphics – games use only one of the two GPUs .

Again, he notes that adding a pair of top-end AMD GPUs can boost frame rates to 85 frames per second.

A comparison of both 2023 M2 Ultra variants. 2023 Mac Pro and Mac Studio, he says that while a larger chassis and better ventilation may seem like a better deal for a more expensive machine under constant load, that's not the case in real life. The only reason to choose the Pro, he concludes, is if you need those PCIe slots.

The only positive thing here is the PCIe slots. This is very important for those who want a tidy workspace with internal storage, but external Thunderbolt devices can be bulky and produce fan noise. For some, this is a very reasonable approach. (Thunderbolt cases aren't cheap either, often costing hundreds of dollars.) The extra $3,000 outlay may be somewhat justified by this comprehensive and gorgeous Mac Pro case.

Otherwise, he says, Mac The Studio is essentially a Mac Pro in a much smaller form factor.

A report published earlier this year even found that some video professionals were choosing the 16-inch MacBook Pro instead due to its ability to work on the road.

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