Mill is a $33/month trash can created by a Nest co-founder to reduce food waste.

After leaving Apple, Matt Rogers co-founded Nest with Tony Fadell and remained at Google for several years after the acquisition. Mill is a new company from Rogers that offers the “kitchen trash can” with a monthly subscription to help you “clean up kitchen stink, stop wasting food, and make a difference.”

Mill's Goal “Prevent food from ending up in landfills.” and “send back to the farms”. He does it through the “kitchen trash can” where you throw away your food waste:

General rule of thumb: if something has come off your cutting board, you can add it to the Mill kitchen basket.  

Fruit Meat and fish
Vegetables Dairy products and eggs
Crusts, skins, bones Plate scrapings
Chicken, fish and other small bones Food-contaminated paper towels, napkins, filters

Do not take larger bones, shells, large amounts of liquid or fat, houseplants/flowers, medicines/drugs, compostable plastic or packaging, paper plates or bowls or takeaway food containers

What you put every night is dried and tamped in the “Food Grounds” which has the advantage of eliminating the odor of the contents with a charcoal odor filter in the bin. Once filled, you “empty the bucket into the prepaid return box.” with Food Grounds turned into 'chicken feed' so all the nutrients from your kitchen waste can stay in the food system instead of being lost forever in the landfill.” This is not composting, as grounds are still considered food “ minus water, volume, odor and filth”

We are currently working on the necessary scientific and regulatory processes to create a safe and nutritious feed ingredient for chickens, which we can distribute commercially. Later this year we will announce our progress.

Wi-Fi connected, trash can measures 27 x 16 x 15 inches with a weight of 50 pounds and an 11 liter internal bucket that can be removed for easy carrying. It has a powder-coated steel body, a metal pedal and a “hidden full color LED interface”. on the lid and locking mechanism.

We estimate that a trash can will consume about 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity per day, averaging over several weeks usage (if you produce about 1.5 pounds of kitchen waste per day). Today, this is about the same amount of energy per day as an energy-efficient dishwasher, but with software updates, the bin will get better and more efficient over time.

The mill costs $396 apiece. year, which is billed annually at $33 per month. It's also available as a monthly plan for $45 per month, with a cart shipping cost of $75. As part of this, you get the Mill kitchen basket, companion app, Food Grounds delivery, replacement charcoal filters, support and warranty. 

Mill is taking a $33 refundable deposit/booking today with first deliveries. Spring 2023

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