Meta offers ad-free Facebook and Instagram plans for $17 per month

TikTok can go ad-free for five dollars a month, but you'll have to pay a little more for a similar experience on Meta platforms. A new report details Meta's proposal to offer an ad-free version of Facebook and Instagram that would cost nearly $17 a month.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Meta is currently considering ad-free subscription plans for users in Europe. The subscription will continue to generate revenue for Meta as long as the company complies with new rules requiring users to be able to opt out of advertising.

New EU privacy rules will force Meta to ask for explicit consent before serving personalized ads to users. Facebook and Instagram will remain free for users who opt in to receive personalized ads.

WSJ explains how per-account pricing will work under this offer:

Under the plan, Meta told regulators it would charge users about 10 euros per month, equivalent to about $10.50, for a desktop Facebook or Instagram account and about 6 euros for each additional linked account, the people said. . . On mobile devices, the price will increase to approximately 13 euros per month, as Meta will take into account the commission charged by the Apple and Google app stores for in-app payments.

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“Ad-free” does not mean “free data collection.”

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The report notes, that it is unclear whether EU regulators will accept paid subscriptions as an alternative to personalized advertising. For example, regulators could require Meta to offer a free version of Facebook and Instagram with ads that don't use personal data to target ads.

For its part, Meta points to other services, such as YouTube, that use similar monthly prices to offer users an ad-free experience. Presumably, the ad-removal subscription plan will be limited to the EU, where targeted advertising based on personal data is under scrutiny. Part of this is because Meta likely earns more per user on average than even the most expensive subscription plans might cost.

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