Meta employee randomly reveals how trending topics will work in topics

You may be familiar with Threads, Meta's microblogging platform that works similarly to X (formerly Twitter). ). The platform launched in July and has since received many sought-after features. Now it seems that Meta wants to add trending topics to topics, and as you would expect, this feature will help users find posts on the most discussed topics on the platform at the moment.

Meta has not officially confirmed that threads will have a “Trending Topics” section. However, a Meta employee accidentally posted a (now deleted) screenshot showing the feature in action. The post was noticed by app developer Willian Max, who understandably reposted the screenshot, hiding employee name.

As you can see, the interface is quite simple. It shows the ranking of the most commented topics in the topics with the number of posts on each topic. Trending topics will appear in the “Search” tab, which has recently been expanded and allows users to search public messages from other users based on keywords.

Since this screenshot is taken from the internal version of the Threads app, it is unclear whether this will be the final interface when the feature is rolled out to everyone. However, given that the Meta staff already has access to a fully functional Topic Trends feature, we hope to see it available to the public soon.

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A few weeks ago Threads released an important update that finally allows users to easily switch between accounts without having to log out and log in. In August, Meta launched a web version of Threads, allowing users to access the social network through a computer. The web version also works great on iPad, as the iOS app is optimized for iPhone only.

You can download Threads for free on the App Store. The app requires an iPhone running iOS 14 or later. In addition, you can access the social network on the Internet through

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