Make the “perfect” lasagna and more recipes from Chemistry Lessons on Apple TV+

'Chemistry Lessons' in Instacart


Apple TV+ has partnered with Instacart to sponsor Chemistry Carts, which contain the ingredients needed to make the recipes featured in the upcoming Chemistry Lessons.

The drama based on the best-selling Chemistry Lessons will premiere on Apple TV+ on October 13. Fans of the show will be able to participate in Instacart's sponsored Chemistry Carts.

Instacart's dedicated webpage features several recipes from the show It looks like more series will be added as the show airs, with the first two premiering at the same time.

There is no easy “add all” button in the ingredient list because ingredients come in a variety of sizes and brands. If you need everything for lasagna bolognese, your cart could easily cost $50 or more, not to mention already about the necessary pots and bowls.

There are also recipes for the “Garden Galette” – a pie with mushrooms and asparagus with cheese and the “A-PIE-Genesis” pie dough.

Apple rarely partners with third parties to promote Apple TV content. Apple previously worked with Adobe to promote the women behind the Luck feature.

Chemistry Lessons premieres October 13 on Apple TV+. Subscription costs $6.99 per month or included with any Apple One tier.

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