Magic Eraser is available for all Pixel phones, Google One subscribers and iPhones

After announcing last week, Magic Eraser is now available on all Pixel phones and all Google One subscribers, including iOS users.

All Pixel phones 

Magic Eraser debuted on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in 2021, followed by the 6a, and then the Pixel. 7 series. It removes distractions automatically detected by Google Photos or those you manually select by tracing. The tool can remove people and objects, and the camo mode lets you change the color of selected elements so that they “blend naturally with the rest of the photo.”

When viewing an image in Google Photos, a suggestion chip will appear at the bottom when Magic Eraser detects what needs to be removed. In the editor, Magic Eraser can be found under the “Suggestions” or “Tools” tabs. You can undo the deletion at any time.

Today we see Magic Eraser on Pixel 2 XL (Android 11) and 4a devices with Google Photos version 6.25. Google told us last week that it will be available on the original Pixel from 2016 until the Pixel 5a without the need for a Google One subscription. This is a good gesture for devices (Pixel 4 and older) that no longer receive monthly security updates.

Followers Google One on non-Pixel and iOS devices

With Photo 6.25 and a subscription to Google One (including the cheapest plan for $1.99), we see Magic Eraser on Samsung devices, iPhone (version 6.26) and iPad. When editing, Magic Eraser tiles are marked with the Google One logo in the upper left corner. It works just like it does on Pixel phones.

< p>…We have worked very closely with our AI researchers at Google to create machine learning models that work well on Tensor. And since then we've been working very hard to optimize these models for other devices.


We are also seeing the widespread availability of the HDR effect for video to enhance brightness and contrast. Accessibility matches the enhanced Magic Eraser, and Google says this will result in “dramatic, balanced, shareable videos.” jpg” />

Expanding the availability of Magic Eraser is a good step to increase the appeal of Google One as a subscription service. Previously, the tools that Google One has unlocked in Photos, such as HDR, portrait light, blur, sky filters, and color focus, have not been too compelling for those who haven't subscribed to storage yet.Adding Magic Eraser for $1.99/month might be enough to encourage more people to try Google One.

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