Low on storage space? These Mac SSD and Hard Drive Black Friday Deals Can Help

Black Friday Storage Deals

Everyone needs more space to store files. Buy these hard drives and SSDs on Black Friday and start the new year with significantly more storage for your Mac.

This roundup of AppleInsider offers rounds up the best storage deals appearing on the Internet. They range from hard drives to portable storage, as well as both static cases and versions designed for portability, like the MacBook Pro.

24.0 TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual

This dual-drive USB 3.2 enclosure from OWC provides both USB and eSATA connectivity, all in an aluminum enclosure. The device supports two hard drives and offers hardware RAID in 0, 1, Span and Independent modes, so you have a choice of capacity, speed or redundancy.

OWC ​​Mercury Elite Pro Dual 24.0 TB

Providing transfer speeds of up to 407 MB/s, the device runs quietly thanks to a low-power fan noise. It also comes with a three-year warranty from OWC.

The OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual 24.0TB normally costs $699.99, but can be purchased from OWC for $399 after instant rebates.

Buy for $399.

Samsung T7 Shield 1 TB

This is a Samsung T7 Shield portable drive, Built for harsh environments thanks to its solid state drive and rubber casing. Plus, the drive is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, so you can use it off the beaten path with confidence.

Samsung T7 Shield 1 TB

1 TB NVMe provides data transfer speeds of up to 1050 MB/s read and 1000 MB/s write via USB -port. C, and the rubber outer surface actually helps control heat generation.

The 1TB Samsung T7 Shield is available on Amazon for $79.99, down from $84.99.

Buy for $79.99.

Crucial X9 Pro 2 TB

<р>Delivering powerful performance, the Crucial X9 Pro can support read and write speeds of up to 1050 MB/s, with consistent performance of 975 MB/s across the entire drive capacity. This storage can also be protected with 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

Crucial X9 Pro 2TB

This drive is also durable, IP55 water and dust resistant and drop resistant up to 7.5 ft.

Amazon usually sells the 2TB Crucial X9 Pro for $129.99, but it's now available for $109.99.

Buy for $109.99.

Seagate 3.5-inch NAS IronWolf hard drive with capacity 12 TB

If you've taken the opportunity to purchase a RAID array for your Mac or a network-attached storage device for your network, you'll probably want to fill it with disks. Seagate IronWolf drives are reliable drives designed for businesses and consumers. They are designed for use in NAS with up to 8 bays.

Seagate IronWolf 3.5-Inch Hard Drive for 12TB NAS

These 3, 5-inch 7200 RPM drives with 256 MB cache and 12 GB storage capacity deliver 240 GB/min write speeds. the second is individual and can operate at temperatures up to 65C.

Amazon usually sells the Seagate Ironwolf NAS 12TB HDD for $259.99, but you can now get it for $199.99.

Buy for $199.99

Yottamaster 5-Bay USB-C Hard Drive Enclosure

The Yottamaster 5-Bay USB-C Enclosure can, as its name suggests, accommodate five hard drives in its aluminum trays. The enclosure can be used in RAID using macOS Disk Utility and holds up to 90 terabytes.

Yottamaster 5-Bay USB-C Hard Drive Enclosure

Connectivity is via USB-C, and the ports allow you to connect two more USB-C devices in series. In theory, you could connect three of them together and get a total of 270TB of storage space for your Mac, all over USB-C.

Amazon usually sells the Yottamaster 5-Bay USB-C Hard Drive Enclosure for $279.99, but for Prime members it's on sale for 20% off at $223.99.

Buy for $223.99.

Mediasonic USB 3.2 hard drive enclosure with 4 3.5″ SATA bays

The Mediasonic case is a four-bay unit that supports up to four 12TB drives. Each drive bay can support SATA 3 data transfer at 6.0 Gbps, while the enclosure itself connects via USB-C to your Mac at up to 10 Gbps.

Mediasonic USB 3.2 4-Bay 3.5″ SATA HDD Drive Enclosure

Equipped with a smart fan with a built-in thermal sensor, the fan can be manually adjusted to operate at one of three speeds or change the speed depending on the temperature. Although there are no hardware RAAID capabilities, it is possible to use macOS tools for software raiding.

Regularly priced at $169.99, you can purchase the Mediasonic USB 3.2 4-Bay 3.5-Inch SATA Hard Drive Enclosure from Amazon for $149.99.

Buy for $149.99

Ugreen M.2 NVMe USB-C SSD enclosure

If you have purchased a commercially available NVMe M.2 flash drive, you can make it portable storage by adding an enclosure. This Ugreen SSD enclosure offers an easy way to get started, including tool-free assembly and support for many different sizes. , up to 4 TB.

Ugreen M.2 NVMe USB-C SSD Case

The case uses an advanced RTL9210 chip with short circuit and overcurrent protection and multi-function protection to ensure security of the disk and the data stored on it. Meanwhile, the case itself is made of aluminum and coated with silicone, which helps the drive withstand drops and impacts.

The Ugreen M.2 NVMe SSD case can be purchased for $24.99.

Buy for $24.99.

Orico M.2 NVMe SSD with Thunderbolt port

For some jobs, such as those in the creative industries, the speed of reading files from disk is very important. The Orico M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure uses Thunderbolt, giving it 40Gbps throughput, although it will also handle USB connections at slower speeds.

Orico M.2 NVMe SSD with Thunderbolt

In terms of speed, it is capable of supporting read and write speeds of up to 2831 MB/s and 2787 MB /s respectively, depending on the NVMe drive installed in it. The transparent case is also tool-free and has a fan at one end to keep the drive cool and running optimally while transferring data.

The Orico M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure with Thunderbolt has a list price of $119.99, but if you use the coupon on the page, it can be yours for $75.99.

Buy for $75.99.

HyperDrive Enclosure Next USB4 NVMe SSD

Billed as the world's fastest 40Gbps USB4 SSD, the HyperDrive Next USB4 NVMe SSD Enclosure claims to be capable of speeds of up to 3,800MB/s, depending on the drive inserted. Hyper says the case features a wide array of PCIe Gen4/3 M.2 NVMe SSDs, meaning it's built for both speed and compatibility.

HyperDrive Next USB4 NVMe SSD

The chassis is made from 100% recycled aluminum and features a tool-free design. The case is protected by a silicone protective shield and allows the drive to withstand exposure to water and dust up to IP55, while maintaining a great appearance.

HyperShop is selling the HyperDrive Next USB4 NVMe SSD for $89.99, down from the regular price of $119.99.

Buy for $89.99

Stay tuned AppleInsider brings you the best Apple Black Friday 2023 deals. Find the biggest deals now on Cyber ​​Monday.

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