London's White City Apple Store merges with UTAW

United Tech & Allied Workers Union at Apple


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Apple Store in White City, London signs contract with United Tech & The Allied Workers Union is committed to improving employee benefits, skills, and pay increases.

Apple Stores around the world have begun unionizing to better negotiate employee benefits. Stores in Australia, the US and now the UK have petitioned to form a union.

The latest unionization efforts are taking place at Apple's White City store in west London. Employees are asking for multiple improved benefits, including pay increases and the ability to work from home.

UK law says Apple has ten days to recognize a union and respond.

The usual demands were made for fair pay, more balanced working hours and better management tools. One of the requirements includes higher quality teaching that is more practical and does not depend heavily on web quizzes.

Employees are also looking to rely less on metrics-based management and task time tracking. These methods lead to more stress and burnout, as required by the employees.

More information about the union and employee requirements can be found on the UTAW website.

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