Kuxiu X36 Folding Magnetic iPad Stand Review: An Essential iPad Desktop Accessory

Stand for iPad Kuxiu X36

Folding magnetic stand for iPad Kuxiu X36

4.5/5 Buy on Amazon

Take advantage of your iPad Pro's magnets and make it float above your desk with Kuxiu's Folding Magnetic Stand for iPad X36.

It's very difficult to find the right iPad stand for your system. We tested stands that make the iPad look like a tiny iMac, stand docks, and a foldable desktop stand.

The Kuxiu X36 Folding Magnetic iPad Stand is our new favorite. It matches Apple's industrial design while offering a sturdy stand and decent maneuverability.

X36 is an alternative to the tabletop stands that we reviewed earlier. The form factors serve different purposes, so customers will have to choose which one is best for them.

Review of folding magnetic Kuxiu X36 iPad Stands: Design

The collapsible neck stand makes this the tallest iPad stand we've tested, even taller than the Twelve South HoverBar Duo. Each of the three segments is about 8 inches long, meaning the iPad can hover 2 feet above a desk with the arm fully extended.

It's easy to get 2 feet of free space

The X36 attaches to the side of the desk and snaps into place effortlessly. The clamp has a soft lining, so you don't have to worry about damaging the table surface.

There are three aluminum brackets and a mounting plate for the iPad, so there are six stainless steel connections in total. Initially the joints are stiff and difficult to manipulate, but with some movement they loosen slightly.

The mounting plate uses the same 102 magnet as the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard to attach it. Once attached, the iPad will not detach without force.

Hollow brackets make cable management easier

We like that the stand brackets are hollow in the center, making cable management easy. You'll need a cable that's at least 6 feet long to keep it from dangling awkwardly under your iPad.

Using Kuxiu Foldable magnetic stand for iPad X36

As we said, the hinges are stiff, so it takes some effort to get everything set up, especially when first taking it out of the box. We recommend that you do not adjust the stand with the iPad attached because the force required to detach the iPad is much less than the force required to move the hinges.

The joints can be stiff and sometimes difficult to maneuver

Once the iPad is set up, there is some maneuverability. Grabbing the iPad with both hands and pulling or pushing it to achieve a different position or rotation works fine.

What takes the most effort is getting the joints to change direction or move in a certain way. While the stand can be moved, we expect users to install it and leave it in place even when the iPad is detached.

The stand doesn't wobble or sag, and the iPad feels secure. We can wipe the display with an Apple polishing cloth, write with an Apple Pencil, and even remove the iPad from the magnetic plate without moving the entire stand.

Pull or push the stand to access the iPad

Like anything with a freestanding neck, the iPad vibrates slightly when you type. We don't really notice this because we're usually looking at an external monitor while typing, but it's a key factor when choosing iPad stands.

Desktop stands are generally more durable and do not cause vibration to the display. This is not a criticism of the design or build — this is inevitable for this type of product.

For advanced iPad users

We're all on iPad , so it's crucial to have a tall stand to rest the iPad next to our studio display. This is also useful for those who take advantage of Universal Control — moving the cursor from display to display becomes much more intuitive if they are aligned.

Clear your desk with a durable iPad stand

If you need an iPad stand, you can pick it up and carry it from room to room, this isn't it. The X36 stand works best when installed and left in one place.

Artists who spend a lot of time drawing on the iPad while working should consider a tabletop stand. While some light photo editing and text writing can be done with the X36, it's not designed for long periods of mid-air drawing.

The Kuxiu X36 Folding Magnetic iPad Stand works best on iPad-only workstations or hybrid workstations. He places the iPad high where it can be seen and clears cables and clutter from the desk.

Kuxiu X36 iPad foldable magnetic stand – advantages

  • Well-designed stand with multiple height and adjustment options.
  • The stand does not wobble or sag.
  • Cleaning and removing the iPad does not move the entire stand.
  • Easy to mount to the table, convenient holes for cable routing.

Folding magnetic stand for iPad Kuxiu X36 – cons

  • Incredibly stiff connections make some adjustments difficult
    • Incredibly stiff connections make some adjustments difficult
    • Pointing your hands in the right direction can sometimes be frustrating

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    The Kuxiu X36 Folding Magnetic iPad Stand is a great product that we would rate 5 out of 5. However, the rigid connections make it very comfortable. a stationary object, and not a maneuverable crane boom.

    If Apple hadn't shown us that sleek but durable metal monitor stands could exist, we'd probably be less critical of hard joints. Once the company can figure out how to recreate Apple's tilt-and-height-adjustable stand for the iPad, it will be a great result.

    Where to buy a folding magnetic stand for the iPad Kuxiu X36

    We looked at the 12.9-inch model. Please be sure to select the correct size for your iPad before placing your order.

    Buy the Kuxiu X36 Folding Magnetic iPad Stand for $139.99 from Kuxiu in Space Gray or Silver. At the time of publication, it retails for $92.99 and customers can get an additional 10% off with code APPLEINSIDER.

    The stand is also available on Amazon for $89.90 after applying the on-page coupon.

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