Kuo: MacBook sales fell 30% due to lack of new products until the end of 2023

By Hartley Charlton

MacBook sales have fallen significantly amid Apple's decision not to release new Macs until the end of 2023, according to Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In a new post on Medium, Kuo said that MacBook sales overall are expected to be about 30% lower this year compared to 2022. falling to approximately 17 million units. He stressed that demand for the 15-inch MacBook Air fell significantly after the end of the school period, causing shipment forecasts to be revised by about 20% or more.

Kuo said in September that Apple was unlikely to release any new MacBook models with the M3 chip this year. With no new products coming until the end of 2023, Kuo expects MacBook shipment rates to be significantly lower than in previous seasons. He added that lower work-from-home demand and the diminishing appeal of Apple's silicon displays and mini-LED displays are also leading to a drop in MacBook sales.

Kuo believes this is one of the reasons why Apple decided to delay the release of any Products is to clear inventory before new releases come out next year. Apple apparently expects the M3 series of chips to boost Mac sales in 2024, but Kuo says that remains to be seen.

In a previous report, Kuo was skeptical that new MacBooks with M3 chips would boost sales . He warned that demand for these devices could still be “below expectations” due to a “lack of growth drivers.” Kuo was essentially saying that Apple would no longer have the same growth catalysts it had in the last few years, such as the pandemic-driven surge in work-from-home demand or the novelty of Apple Silicon, which prompted many customers to switch from Macs to Macs. Intel based. However, with Mac and iPad sales already down significantly in 2023, Apple will at least have better sales numbers in 2024 compared to last year.

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