Kuo confirms iPhone 16 Pro will feature 120mm tetraprism camera

iPhone 15 Pro Max

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A supply chain report says the smaller iPhone 16 Pro will feature Apple's 120mm tetraprism camera, driving up demand for the technology in 2024.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max may only be released in September, but there are already many rumors that the iPhone 16 Pro will inherit the tetraprism camera. The 120mm focal length is currently exclusive to Apple's largest pro model, but that's expected to change in 2024.

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a brief report on tetraprism supplier Largan and Apple's 2024 orders. Apple is expected to include the new camera in its smaller pro models in 2024, leading to a 160% increase in the number of iPhones with the technology compared to last year.

Kuo's earlier report said that the number of iPhones using tetraprism would only increase by 110%, but this was due to lower profitability from Largan. Apple worked with Largan to increase returns from 40% in 3Q23 to 70% or more in 4Q23.

This change made assembling the component more profitable. Largan also supplies periscope lenses to Huawei, which will also increase its use of this component in 2024.

Kuo's report is based on orders in the supply chain. Its history of accuracy and supply chain reporting makes this report more credible.

Apple will introduce the iPhone 16 Pro in September 2024. It is rumored to have a larger display, a new camera system, and Wi-Fi 7.

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