Kuo: Both iPhone 16 Pro models will use a tetraprism camera in 2024

iPhone 15 Pro Max camera module

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Both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will have the same tetraprism lens as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts, with No changes to the specification are expected.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only 2023 model with a tetraprism lens arrangement, which allows you to increase the optical zoom of the telephoto lens from 3x to 5x. According to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, both Pro models will get it for the iPhone 16 generation.

In a Medium note published late Sunday, Kuo discussed the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera system supply chain, including growth prices due to Apple's increased telephoto lens testing requirements and increased demand.

Demand for the iPhone 16 Pro Max is “exceeding expectations” due to the placement of the lenses. Due to a combination of improved performance and demand, the cost of the component will increase approximately 30% to between $6 and $6.50 per unit.

The Pro model will also get a lens, “likely maintaining the current high specifications to ensure camera performance and performance,” Kuo writes. The analyst predicts that shipments of iPhones with a tetraprism camera will grow by about 110% in 2024, reaching between 70 and 80 million units.

Strong demand should mean that current lens supplier Largan, as well as Crystal-Optech and Lante Optics, will be the main beneficiaries of Apple's tetraprism push in 2024.

Both Crystal-Optech and Lante Optics Optech and Lante Optics are expected to expand prism production capacity by at least 50% in 2024. It is believed that Crystal-Optech has struggled to hold on to 2023 due to demand, leading to Lante receiving several additional orders.

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