iPhone: How to check which apps use precise location tracking and how to turn it off

Many iOS apps by default ask for permission to allow precise location tracking when you first open them. But it can be easy to forget how many or which apps you gave this permission to. Here's how to turn off iPhone precise location tracking.

Basic options when the location tracking dialog appears after opening the app for the first time: “Allow once” “, “Allow when using an application” and “Allow when using an application”. and “Do not allow.”

It's easy to miss that in the top left corner it says “Accuracy: On”. It's actually a button that allows you to choose whether to leave precision tracking enabled by default or change it to use your approximate location.

The difference in accuracy can be as precise as a specific house or building, you're in (within feet), and iPhone's approximate location usually tells you what city you're in (within miles).

Here's how Apple describes it: “Allows apps to use your location. If this setting is disabled, apps can only determine your approximate location.”

How to disable precise iPhone location tracking for apps

Note. Some apps may not work properly without enabling accurate location tracking. Also keep in mind that precise location tracking settings carry over to new iPhones when you restore from a backup.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Swipe down and selectPrivacy & Security
  3. At the top, click Location Services
  4. Select an applicationfrom the list to check if it is available. #8217;using your precise location.
  5. Locate the switch next to Precise Location at the bottom, click to turn it off

Here's what the process looks like to turn off precise iPhone location tracking:

Remember that when you turn off precise tracking, apps can still track your location’ It's just not accurate. If you want to completely turn off tracking for an app, select Never. at the top.

And if you want to turn off all tracking across the board, you'll need to turn off the main location services switch.

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