iPhone 16 Pro Rumored to Get Faster 5G, Wi-Fi 7 and Improved Camera

iPhone 16 Pro will have a faster “5G Advanced” modem

Rumour assessment   🤔 Maybe

Analyst isn't going too far when he claims the iPhone 16 Pro in 2024 will feature 5G Advanced, Wi-Fi -Fi 7 and an improved ultra-wide-angle camera lens.

Pu's messages to investors are reportedly based on supply chain information, but this time they are more like speculation. In addition to faster 5G, Pu says the iPhone 16 Pro may have Wi-Fi Fi 7 and an improved camera.

All his predictions, including changes in chassis dimensions, have already come true.

The only statement that mentions Pu is about “5G Advanced.” Aside from the fact that Apple will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X75 modem in the iPhone 16 Pro, he says the company will not use it in the regular iPhone 16.

This X75 model not only features faster speeds, but also more high speed. features a combined mmWave and sub-6 GHz transceiver, allowing for a smaller component that also consumes less power.

Apple continues to use Qualcomm modems while it develops its own modems. However, traditionally, each year, the entire iPhone lineup uses one Qualcomm modem variant.

If it was not previously proven to be economically necessary to have two different modems in a line, then it is unlikely that this will happen now. Although this will create a clear difference between the regular models and the Pro models, which is what Apple is said to want.

Jeff Pu regularly reports on Apple's plans, but his track record leaves much to be desired, and Thursday's report doesn't reveal anything damning. For example, like many others, he mistakenly expected a price increase for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In addition, he warned that the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max would also be delayed by a month until October 2023, which apparently did not happen.

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