iPhone 15 rumored to have rounder corners

iPhone 15 Pro render


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A prolific insider has revealed that the iPhone 15 case will get a new design and will get a new frame with more curved edges.

There were a lot of early posts about the iPhone 15 lineup that focused on camera-related issues and the bigger difference between regular and Pro models. There were also rumors that Apple would name its top model iPhone 15 Pro Ultra, based on the naming convention of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Now, an early leaked image claims that the main body of the iPhone 15 will be redesigned and the body will be made from titanium. Although the origin of the leak is unclear — as well as the image — it's more likely that the iPhone 15 Pro will be made of titanium than the regular model, just because of the cost of finding and processing the material.

However, the ShrimpApplePro leak highlights that this leak is “still very early”.

Apple has had more rounded corners on the iPhone before, perhaps most notably with the iPhone 5c lineup. The body of this line was made of plastic, where Apple also used aluminum and stainless steel.

If the leak is correct, it would mean that the iPhone 15 line will be the first iPhone to use titanium as a case material. Apple used titanium for the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple also used titanium as part of its physical Apple Card. Apple is most notorious for using titanium in the PowerBook G4, but as AppleInsider readers pointed out in the early 2000s, that model was prone to paint flaking.

The iPhone also had rounded — which even led to attempted lawsuits.

“ShrimpApplePro” has a decent history. The most recent leak presented was correct: the prediction that the Apple Watch Series 8 would not have a redesign as expected.

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