iPhone 15 Pro Max loses to Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in drop test

We took a look at our first iPhone 15 Pro drop test on launch day and got the results. showing off a less durable device than the iPhone 14 Pro. Now we have another drop test, pitting the new titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max against the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Here's what happened.

The second drop test was conducted by PhoneBuff, which conducts tests in a controlled manner – using machines positioned at the same distances and the same materials that phones fall on.

The two flagship smartphones went through four rounds of falls, including a fall on their back, a fall on a corner, a fall on their face, and a bonus round in which it fell on steel.


Although the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was relatively close, it took less damage than the iPhone 15 Pro Max in three of the four rounds. According to the final assessment, the S23 Ultra received 39 points out of 40, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max received 37.

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Both back panels are made of glass, so they're pretty easy to break.

It's about as useful as watching jerryrigeverything's video on YouTube.

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The iPhone 15 Pro Max's back and front glass cracked in the first drops, and the titanium proved to be more resistant to corner drops than the S23 Ultra's aluminum.

In the end Both smartphones turned out to be fully functional, including cameras, which is nice to see. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to have taken more damage than some of its steel-framed predecessors.

Watch the full test:

Top image via PhoneBuff

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