iPhone 15 Pro: How to Double the Effect of the New Action Button

When combined with the Shortcuts app, the new action button on iPhone 15 Pro can be assigned to almost anything. one can imagine. But as you know, Federico Viticci of MacStories took things to the next level. Federico's new “MultiButton”; A shortcut allows you to assign two different shortcuts to the same action button click.

By default, an Action button can be associated with a single triggered action. pressing and holding the button. Federico's new shortcut allows you to assign two separate shortcuts to the Action button.

Federico explains:

With MultiButton, you will be able to assign two separate shortcuts to the Action button. Unlike other solutions you may have seen that always force you to select shortcuts from a menu, MultiButton automatically switches between the two shortcuts if you press the Action button several times in a row. You don't have to select shortcuts from a list; just click the Action button and the MultiButton will take care of everything.

The basic idea of ​​the MultiButton is this: you click the Action button the first time and it runs the main label; if you press it again within a few seconds, thesecondaryshortcut will launch. Essentially, MultiButton allows you to double the number of shortcuts you can assign to an Action button, making your work (hopefully) faster and more efficient on your iPhone.

When you download the MultiButton shortcut and launch its the first time it will guide you through the installation process. In this process, you will select two different shortcuts that you want to assign to the Action button. The primary shortcut will be activated when you press the Action button for the first time, and the second will be activated when you press it again.

On an infinite time scale, I wish Apple would initially allow you to assign the Action button to a second double-click action. Federico's shortcut, meanwhile, allows you to do something similar. His review also includes some interesting ways to customize the Action button for your workflows.

You can download the MultiButton shortcut from the MacStories website.Insert comment here about Federico being crazy.

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