iPhone 15 has a new battery health monitor that prevents the charge from exceeding 80%

iPhone 14 Pro Max, 100%

iPhone 15 users looking to extend battery life a little more have a new option — hard charging limit of 80%.

People concerned about their iPhone's battery health try to monitor every aspect of their device's performance in order to extend its additional use. While AppleInsider recommends that users simply let the battery management system handle everything, Apple is adding a new switch.

New information obtained by MacRumors' Joe Rossignol during a Verge Q&A session confirms that the entire iPhone 15 lineup has new battery health settings. Users can choose to keep the iPhone from charging above 80% rather than reaching 100%.

This is not the usual Optimized Battery Charging setting, which stops charging the iPhone once it reaches 80%, then resumes charging to 100%, ending just before the user wakes up. Instead, the iPhone never charges above 80%.

Battery charging is relatively efficient and uniform from 0% to 80%, but the last 20% usually requires more power and generates more heat. This causes some users to consciously try to keep the battery level between 40% and 80% at all times in order to extend its life.

Now users no longer have to monitor charging and can automatically stop charging at 80%. However, AppleInsider continues to recommend that users stick to optimized battery charging and avoid this new setting.

Preventing your iPhone from charging above 80% will do very little good. Instead, the user will suffer from not having access to the full potential of the battery's capacity while only keeping the battery functional for a few weeks.

Instead, users should continue to use their devices with fully automatic settings and charge them when necessary. Physics cannot be stopped, and eventually all batteries will have to be replaced.

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